Guys & St Thomas' Fertility Clinic London UK

Alana • Met 2010 ❤️ Engaged 2015 💍 Married 2017 💑 PCOS w Clomid❤️ Baby girl born July 26th 💕💕

Hi everyone....

Have been TTC for 8/9 months now. Haven't had a period for almost 6 months now. Have had all the tests done - have PCOS. Hubby had SA done, everything was really good apart from morphology which was 0.5%.

GP has finally referred us on to the Guys and St Thomas' Reproductive Medicine Clinic. Have an appointment on 13th September!

So excited to get started and happy to finally have some action.

Anyone have any idea of the process from here? Anyone been to the same clinic?

Thanks everyone! Praying for a miracle! Xxx ❤️