Not interested in being anything other than a mother

Is anyone not interested in doing/being anything other than a mother?

I wanted this baby, but was apprehensive all pregnancy up until he popped out actually. I was scared about losing my relationship with my husband, I was sad that I'd have to go back to work and leave my baby, and scared I would lose my individual identity. I even made my husband promise that we wouldn't lose us.

Now that he's almost 3 months old and to have go back to work on Monday, I'm not interested in going back to work, I'm dreading leaving him. I'm no longer interested in being a wife other than I need a partner to care for my baby, and to have another baby when we're ready. And all I want is to be his mother and take care of him.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I have not been experiencing PPD, so please don't write it off as that, I genuinely want to know if others have felt this way at all