Trying for a baby with pcos


Updated* just got a positive result yesterday!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Amber. I have pcos but with have regular periods (although I know this doesn't mean ovulation happens).

I came off the pill in January and have been having unprotected sex with my husband ever since. However since July we have been planning for a baby. I have a period/<a href="">ovulation app</a> and so know my cycles are around 32 days long although it can go up or down by a two or three days.

According to the app I was meant to be ovulating today but I have been using ovulation sticks (the red line ones) for the last three days and today but theres been no positive result). As I am worried about actually ovulating I will be having a blood test on day 21 to see if I am but I also read the ovulation can happen on different days for different people so my day 21 would be different to right? I'm thinking to using the ovulation sticks all the way till Sunday and if nothing shows I will stick to going for the blood test on the noted day 21 (which is Monday).

Not knowing what day I'm ovulating is difficult. I decided to get this app to see if something different comes up. I'm worried if I'm ovulating or not and what I can do meanwhile at home or if anyone has been in the same boat could offer me advice..

Thank you very much