I have yet to test, and I know I'm way past taking a test and going this long without taking a test lol. Due to past trauma my husband and I both agreed to wait until 10 days late which will be testing this Sunday if af doesn't show. Currently I have no sign of af to come. I normally have signs but this time around I have nothing. Only things I have been feeling current is complete exhaustion, lack of appetite, extreme discharge to a point I feel like af started or I just peed myself (tmi) lol, back pain, acne, headaches, nausea more in the mornings, no breast soreness but fullness. I have had slight cramping and pulling that only lasts seconds, and extremely gassy lately it's crazy lol. Any ladies have any of these signs and symptoms before bfp, or have already gotten a bfp and are having these symptoms at this point? please help. 🌼