Healing with God? Recommendations??

A bit of a rambling post ahead!!

I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment and I'm struggling to even pray. I attend church still with my husband, I work in a church but since my Miscarriage it's been really difficult to connect. I struggle to sing and affirm Gods provision (I know it's terrible... I don't need that pointing out!). I feel like God is silent.

I found out I was pregnant again a few weeks ago, and was over joyed. I thought that God had heard me and answered my prayers, but after a scan this week showing no baby and the midwives thinking it's a molar pregnancy, I'm back at square 1 feeling betrayed and forgotten.

Anyone had similar?? How did you get through it? Any recommended books/ articles etc?

I just feel so hurt and lost. I get to a rational moment, and it's completely undone by the question of "Why am I going though this again?"