Lost for words

Tori • Trying for our first! 💕🤘🏻

Okay... I'm at a loss here.... I am constantly "in a bad mood" as my SO would say. Says little things or does little things that will make my blood just boil. Like today, we were getting food, and I forgot to grab his card. So we had to go back home, and they said as long as we were back within a certain time, they wouldn't throw our food out and we wouldn't have to re order and wait even longer to eat.

After he grabs his card, he has to stop and smoke a cigarette..... like it was THAT important to do right you then and there... I even told him we didn't have the time to do that, and he looked at me and shrugged, and lit the damn thing anyways.

Then he blames me for being in a bad mood because of my period.

...I'm not on my period, nor am I PMSing... like how rude can you get? Even his mom said that she thought I was on my period because I had been upset lately.. like seriously? The reason why I'm upset is because you turned your son into a spoiled entitled brat. I can't ask him to

Do anything without being told to hold on... so he can play his game.. I'm stuck in this house all day, I'm stuck taking care of his mom. I feel like he can help out since he just recently lost his job. There is absolutely no reason for him to not help HIS MOTHER. Not mine. HIS.

I'm not willing to leave him. I love him to the moon and back.

I'm really just venting because I feel alone, like I can't talk to anyone without them judging me, or accusing me of being in a bad mood because "I'm pmsing"

I honestly believe I'm pregnant or something, because my emotions are out of control, my period is way late. My boobs hurt. I'm a mess, and I'm all over the place. I don't know how to express my feelings to him, without him getting mad at me, or roll his eyes at everything I say.

I'm stressing out badly.

What do I do..