Digital pregnancy test faint line


Helloooo everybody.

Ok, this just happened today. I bought 2 pregnancy tests. I did one yesterday and I had a faint line. Well today around 1:00 pm I decided to use the second one that was digital but was saying negative. Then I said to myself ok let me opened to se what it is inside, so I found a faint line. As soon as I saw that I start checking in google about faint lines in digital tests. I found I few post that said that the test comes with the second line 🤦🏼‍♀️ I said ok I have to check this. I bought one more digital test. I opened it and let me tell you that there is no second line. I did the test with the strip and the faint line is there again. Check the pictures.

This one is with the 2 that I did. L