What is this that came out of me??? TMI PIcS

Ashley • "just because I can not see it doesn't mean I can't believe it"-jack skellington.

This came out of me and I have no clue what it is. Anyone have any ideas? I've googled and it doesn't t look like ovulation cervical mucus since that would be clearer. It looks more like a pregnancy mucus plug but I'm not pregnant as of last month (had a test last month before surgery) anyone ever have this?? Any ideas?? It's stretchy and feels like one of those jelly hands you get in a quarter machine. Lol. It's not like normal discharge or mucus that is stringy. It's a literal ball of jelly stretchy stuff lol it did have a small line of blood inside it looking stuff but looked like a vein in it not like period blood. I had a few days befor this of very faint pink when I wiped but my period ended on the 8th. Any ideas ladies??