TMI Infection? No pic.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant & I'm pretty sure I have an infection. Went to see my OB & they did some cultures. While she was "down there", she said there definitely was some discharge, that they would send it to the lab, call me & call in a prescription depending on whether it was yeast or bacterial. Never got a call from them. Called the pharmacy, no prescription there. So the next day I called & asked why, and they told me that the cultures came back normal, so no need for a prescription. It's just so weird because I had a yeast infection when I was pregnant with my first child & I'm almost positive that's what it is. It's not as terrible as the one I had in the past (that felt like a rabid kitten was clawing my vagina), not getting worse, just kind of there. Slight itching, slightly red, some white discharge. Something definitely just isn't right. Thoughts? Maybe just some weird pregnancy thing? I want to go buy a Monistat kit, but I don't want to mess myself up.