Birth Story 36 +3 RDS & Infection/ Miracle

Vinessa • 💕 Troy 🤰🏾

It's long so BEWARE!

August 12th I'm feeling achey all day. My lower back hurts and my feet are super swollen, I'm pretty much worn out. I'm 36 +2.... @ around 11pm I start getting contractions like 2-4 mins apart and they are actually kind of strong. I decide to take 2 extra strength Tylenol and I fall asleep for literally 45 mins. I wake up and decide "Hell no", I then proceed to the L&D.; Once there they hook me up and check me and I'm still dilated at a "TIGHT 1". So they monitor me for about 2 hrs and check again and since I had no change they sent me home. OF COURSE IM UPSET....So I get home and lay in bed with my fiancé and at this point I took 2 Benadryl and passed out. August 13th @5am I wake up and I'm still in pain. It's horrible at this point so I call my sister and have her meet me at L&D;, I didn't want to wake my fiancé or our 6 yr old son for no reason if L&D; was gonna send me home! She meets me there, I check in and get hooked up, but now.....I'm 3cm 😈! So they decide to monitor me for another hr and I moved to a 4. ADMITTED!!!!! Lol! So now I'm inside a delivery room just patiently waiting to get this party started. I call my fiancé and he gets our son ready to drop off to my dad and things are looking up. FAST FORWARD.....He makes it to the hospital along with another father figure of ours and my sister is there. I have the entire team lol. I can't recall the time but at this point I'm a 6. I my contractions stopped coming frequent last so my doctor decided to give me Oxytocin to speed things up. Well damnit it worked! I'm in pain at this point so around 3pm I got a epidural. Continuous feed might I add...."it was excellent"! 6PM I start practice pushing with the nurse. After like 5 pushes my sons head is crowning....she calls for the doctor. He strolls in, as he's getting dressed I feel my sons head sliding down...I had no control!!!! I wasn't even pushing. My doctor literally had enough time to throw on his gloves and my son shot out! 😱😧😂 I was in disbelief of how fast it all happened. August 13 at 6:36PM I gave birth to a beautiful boy named Jacobi Karter King 👑

He weighs 6lbs 9oz/ 20 1/4" long

NOW: after giving birth my son started breathing very shallow. The nurses where concerned so he was sent to NICU that same night....since that night it's been a rollercoaster. My son was airlifted to another NICU, a level 4 hospital and he's been battling RDS and an infection. When I tell you my baby is amazing he truly is....he's a fighter. Since day 1! He's been intubated, and it's been really crazy. He went from needing help to breath to now he's down to an oxygen cannula and undergoing blood transfusions and all. But GOD really made things possible and made a way for him. Come to find out I had Group B and was treated while I was in Labor but it wasn't as aggressive as it should have been. Pray for my son that he continues to thrive and that he comes home soon. Sorry for it being so long! I hope others share their premie stories and stay uplifted :)