19 and I need some bloody answers!

Hello ladies and I guess men too cause there is men on here.

I have a few things I want to say.

1) I am a kiwi I am from New Zealand. Everything possible is expensive here. Living costs are ridiculous and the worst part is im 19.

2) I'm ONLY 19 and no one feels the need to help a little 19 year old.

3) I should know my body inside out by now.. thought I did... till I turned 19 and my body just doesn't work the way it should anymore.

Those are the main pinpoints for now but let me start explaining so it makes sense.

I'm 19 years old. I've been with my boyfriend of 2 years and 4 months. (Known each other way longer than just 2 years.) we started having unprotected sex around a year and a half ago. And that's when my body went awol. The reason we started having unprotected sex is because at the age 18 I didn't receive my period for two weeks after it was due. And I honestly thought we were having a baby I was all excited I had like heaps of symptoms but only to find my period came on day 16 (16 days late) HEAVY and extremely PAINFUL. And that's when these random irregular 2 week waits just randomly started happening. We were gutted to realise it was all in our heads. We both wanted a baby so we thought should we try?

Around my fertile stage we started having unprotected sex from then... all the unprotected sex ended up giving me PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) which was extremely weird! Okay never experienced that before and I started worrying because I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I went to hospital and they tried telling me std would of caused it. Ummm no. Me and my partner are both loyal people at heart. Before I got with my boyfriend I did catch std clomydia (have no idea how to spell) off a one night stand (please don't think I'm a slut or anything I actually came out of a destroying relationship and I had to get him out of my system that night and also that was the first time I resulted in sleeping with someone and that first ONE AND ONLY TIME I sleep with a random I get a STD soooo YAS I learned that lesson guys! Never done that again (not to mention my current partner is the 6th guys I've slept with and hopefully my last soo) so anyway I thought maybe I didn't get rid of it properly and I was so scared cause I never wanted to tell my boyfriend so that night the humiliation came out into the open... my mother and father were there worried about me. And they are split up so for them to both be there meant the world to me. Anyway me and my boyfriend both go to the sex clinic thing here in Tauranga and they tell me I'm clean. No STD up in my box. My poor boyfriend goes and gets his first ever check up... he gets told he's still a clean bean! So all I'm left thinking is maybe I'm allergic to my mans sperm or maybe having baths have given me a infection or something? Cause I later found out it was just bacteria creating me PID. But to get it so easy scared me. Especially when I was told that night the PID can scar your fallopian tubes and it can be hard to have a baby. Well ever since that one time I would just randomly get like mild PID symptoms and I was scared man. Because I got told the more I get it the more my chances are going to decrease at having a child of my own. And it would make my risk of ectopic pregnancy higher. Also my mum has cystic ovaries and pretty sure she said she had PCOS which would make more sense in my situation. I ended up feeling like I may have gotten a touch of pid again like maybe 3 times since the first time? And nowwwww I never notice it! And I don't think I'm allergic to my boyfriends sperm anymore either lol Any way I get cysts around my undies line like in between my vag and leg and they have been nothing but I've been getting them my whole life. At the age 17 I started getting hair growing down from my belly button and this year has gotten worse.. nearly my whole pelvic area from bellow belly button and above vagina pubes grows pubic hair in bitsery spaces. I've been getting random odd hairs on my face. I grow fair hair but my pubes are black and I'm naturally a brunette but my baby hairs are all blonde. And I've had acne SOOOO bad since I was 13 it all started. And my face is ruined. I don't even know what I'd look like without acne :( , my periods are irritating asf they are so irregular. I've always had irregular periods but they are always been late. When I first got my period at 13 I had regular periods everything was normal. And then all of a sudden I try creating a human and my whole body wants to break down and become a fuck up. Last month I got my period on like day 24 or something... started on the 7th of July. Which was super weird cause I felt like I just finished a period. And now my period will be two weeks late tomorrow. I work my periods out by months because my cycle estimates that it's about 30 to like 32 days long so I look at it in months which has been the easiest way. I did have sex on glows fertile days but I don't even know if I'm ovulating or not. But I've never missed a period just been late all the time. Ive never actually skipped a period completely also at the beginning of the year I had a lot of blood tests done cause my nose was bleeding a lot and I had massive bloody clot piles coming out my nose. I also got a blood test for PCOS but I got told I was fine when all test came back. There was nothing wrong with me. they won't ultrasound me to check what's going on in my freaking female system. Also when I check my cervix it feels hidden . Like it feels like it's mushed into my side so it feels like it's blocked? So sperm can't get in? The reason why I'm telling you all this jumbo messed up story is because I need help! Glow help! Honestly I've gone to so many doctors and they are useless. New Zealand is useless. I've gotten no answers and my vag has been poked with devices and had random fingers and faces all up in it and I'm ducking sick of giving my vagina up for a fucking science project or something and getting no damn answers out of it! I may be 19 but I'm 20 in a few months and my man will be 23. EVERYDAY it's like someone I know gets knocked up. I've always wanted a baby and to love and <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.nurture">nurture</a> someone that is made by me and my love. And it's like yeno a year and a half trying and still no answers and it's like doctors don't wanna help me with this kind of stuff cause I'm too young or something? I'm drained from tracking every day and wondering every time I get a random 2 week late period if it's just my shitty ovaries or am I actually carrying a miracle all of a sudden or what? So since a year and a half I still haven't gotten pregnant. It could also be my partner but his whole family are baby making machines no exaggeration so I really dunno what's going on. I really want my baby :( I'll probably edit if I've left information out but having some help from someone who sort of has gone through what I have would be amazing! I know this is an American app and I feel some of you ladies might have better understandings than from what I've gotten. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this!