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So this month i decided to buy ovulation tests for the first time in my life, the instructions told me to start testing 11 days from my first period if my cycle is 28 days so i stared on the 6th and the test line was faint. we had sex on the 6th and i was super wet like back when i was young and i think the 7th i cant remember because i was super bussy. on the 8th i forgot to take a ovulation test and i was to tired to have sex and on the 9th i took one at 4pm the test line was way darker then the control line but my bf was at work. i took another ovulation test that day at 6:45 but the test line was the same color as the control line my husnand finnaly came home and we had sex i was so freaking wet i felt like i was 14 again lol but he couldnt cum cuz his head hurt so bad he had a migraine so he took some Tylenol and we went and grabed something to eat after we came home we had sex at 8pm that night but i could tell i wasn't ovulating because i was dry. but my question is do u think that there might be a possability i had missed my ovulation window? and i think i know how ovulation works but feel free to explain like do u ovulate only one day out of the whole month?