So upset 😒😒😒


So this may seem stupid to some of y'all but I needed to let this out. So I've been with my dude off and on for 12-13 years. Our son is 11 when I was 3 months pregnant he brought me a turtle. His name was Carl lol. To day Carl died after he took him outside yesterday for the first time EVER. When i tell him he says OH WELL, OH WELL, OH WELL.

When I say I loved my baby like my own child I would have killed anyone over him. And he says oh well I call my best friend she leave work.Then he say it's not that serious. But I would let Carl walk around the house. I had to push his 200 gallon tank to the bathroom, put it in the tub wash it out, wash the rock and wash him. Push it back and fill it back up twice a month. Am i wrong for being upset.