41wks +


Before I start, I know I'm so lucky to be pregnant with a healthy baby and to have had a very easy pregnancy. This is my rainbow baby and will be my first, and Im so grateful to be given the chance to be a parent but....

I'm now 8 days overdue, I've had 2 sweeps this week but neither seem to have worked. I've tried spicy foods, expressing, bouncing on my ball, having an orgasm and warm baths to no avail.

At my sweep on Monday I was 2cm dilated, easily stretched to 3cm and my midwife could feel the babies head. I had my show after that one an then I went again on Wednesday for a 2nd sweep but hadn't progressed any further. I have an induction booked for the 23rd, making me 12days overdue but I'm just so fed up.

My pelvis hurts so much right now making sleeping almost impossible, walking is difficult and painful as is sitting for any length of time. I have constant back ache and my body has been 'clearing out' every couple of days for the last 2wks.

Is there anything else that worked for anyone? Other than sex coz...single so, that's not gonna be happening!!