Keep leaving me on read


Today marks out 2 months.. I don't think I want to tell him either. These past few days he's been leaving me and claiming he's "busy" but he's actually not (when I say he's not busy he actually isn't he's texting other people)... he wrote me this paragraph about me and how special I am to him, but when I wrote one back he just read it. Like he's been doing these past few days. I wake up to see that he was at McDonalds with his brother at 2am.. laughing, having fun.. and I just.. my heart keeps sinking, I feel like I'm dragging him down and he's just bored of me.. if i talk to him about this, and he begs me to stay, what's gonna change? If I leave I'm gonna deal with this huge pain in my chest.. I love him, apart from what's been happening i love him so dearly... I really don't know what to do/say. It hurts already, but it'll hurt even more if we break up ... help?