I got a letter today...

The Grinch • Mama to Owen. Ex-Amish. Holiday Cheermeister. 💙

So I mentioned to Kayla and Kealey that I was going to let my mom and dad know what was going on in my life even though I wouldn't get a reply back because I am shunned.

In case you can't read it (my phone camera is cracked and takes pics upside down), it says "Dear Elizabeth, Is it true that you are leaving the Amish? Come home. Repent. We miss you. David {my ex-fiance} misses you. He is waiting on you to come back. He needs to get married and you need to have children. I hope you do well. Please do not reply back as I am not supposed to write you. Love, Marietta {my mom}" So I don't know if I should still mail my letter or what.