Kids Running barefoot in public...  🙄😳

Ashley • 👣SAHM🍼﹏∞wife∞﹏🍷Italian﹏Pisces♓ ﹏🌴BeachBum 🌊﹏

when a small child between the ages of 12 months old (or when the child starts walking) and 2-2½ years old is walking in public without shoes or socks,  I just cringe! places like doctors offices/Medical facilities  public bathrooms, parking lots, convenient stores, Busy shopping centers, restaurants, playgrounds......


Yesterday while at a medical clinic I attend,  I saw a little girl, 13 months old with her parents,  and she was running around the waiting room and also in the waiting room bathroom with bare feet.  The flooring in the building is like the hospitals floor,  ceramic maybe?  Anyhow... 

I think this is dangerous. and unhygienic. 

For one, the child had to walk across the parking lot,  on hot pavement. 

And, two -it's a medical facility!  Public floors are dirty regardless,  but a medical center?  Think bodily fluids!  Ugh!!!!  ESP in the bathroom!!

most infants & toddlers put their toes and feet in their mouths. And who knows what kind of crap is on that baby girls feet now!  We wouldn't lick a public bathrooms floor,  right? Not much different.

I know many kids like to take their socks shoes off. Especially in the car.  I have kids.  And 2/3 did this.

But...  If the child is going to be walking in places like this,  put the damn shoes back on the child!  And...  If the child protests that strongly,  at least put their socks on them!  And if it still isn't happening, for whatever reason, they can go in a stroller until they're able to walk like a big kid with footwear on!

There are places for a child to go barefoot!  Like the swimming pool. Or in your backyard! Or, playing in the sand at the beach. And at The lake. In your house. And prob some other places I can't think of right now.

But,  at the places listed above,  it's just dirty and not safe. At Playgrounds, another child can step on a childs barefeet, or the child could get their toes stuck in parts of the playground structure. It's a safety hazard. And in other public places it's def a hygiene issue. Along with safety.if a parent is wearing shoes,  for protection,  then the child should be wearing shoes for the same reasons.

PS.  At the beginning I stated "between the ages of 12 months and 2- 2½" bc it's usually in this age range that I see it happening the most. But, logically,  it's just the same whether your 1 years old or 101 years old.  I guess it just is more cringe worthy when I see an infant or toddler in this situation.

Am I the only one who feels this way?  Does anyone else feel the same way about it?