Should I wear makeup to work?HELP PLEASE


Hi Guys!!!

So lately my manager (a woman that doesn't wear makeup herself) has mentioned to me that I "should wear makeup more often" because I always look "glowing" and more "awake". This week

she actually told me I look better with makeup. This has happened 3 times. Not going to lie, every time she tells me this my feelings get a little hurt. But I love myself both with and without makeup. I usually wear makeup for fun because I love doing it but there are times where I need to give my skin a break, so I just don't wear it.

Note: I'm also in my senior year of HS and this is a part time job at a fast food restaurant.

So Is she trying to tell me that I need to wear makeup? What should I do?

(Pics of me with and without makeup below)

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