I just had a question. I recently had intercourse with my bf, he used condom and pulled out when he came. When he went to clean himself up he saw he had blood. I was not on my period,and it was not our first time. I had noticed thick and white discharge which I thought was normal since I discharge a lot and we had some foreplay before we began and was really wet. I thought I might have gotten my period and went to clean myself up,but when I cleaned up I didn't bleed anymore and have not bled since( this happened Sunday) . I am taking a medicine to start my period prescribed by my OBGYN to get tested to get put on Birth Control since I have PCOS. Since I started taking it I feel horrible cramps and been googling which I know is always a bad idea, but I have taken pregnancy tests they have been negative... all 5 of them, all different brands and prices. I am cramping horribly. What could be wrong? I am very concerned.