I love our friends and would do anything for them! But 36 week pregnant me has very little tolerance. Last night they ask if we can look after their 3 dogs, which means 2 German shepherds, a husky and a Spanish water dog (all hyper under 2 years old) in our not that big home, along with their 4 kennels. And both of them for the night, them staying was sprung on me at 9am this morning. My husband leaves for work at 4am, and they need a ride, with their 3 dogs to work at 10am..we do have two cars however one is our take me to the hospital I'm in Labour car which uses half a tank of petrol to get to the hospital, it has just enough.... I know it doesn't sound like much but I'm so annoyed. Barely have enough patience for my own husband and dog, let alone them as well