Low supply?


Hello! So I'll be returning back to work and school soon, I also have a little 2 day trip that I'll be away from my alone to be one month old for.

Daily I pump about 17ounces, that's with breastfeeding on demand. Some feedings I do have to top off with a bottle of breast milk as well.

Does 17ounces sound on the lower side? I've been trying to boost my supply so I can make a stash and be ahead of the game before school/work and the trip. Ive started taking Mother's Milk Tea 2x a day as well as power pumping in the AM and PM before bed. I drink nearly a gallon of water a day already on top of a some cups of almond milk and Gatorade. I also pump after every feed until the 11pm or 1am feed. Any tips and tricks anyone could share or recipes for lactation boosting snacks? Thank you so much!!