Am I just being sensitive?


I can't tell if I'm just being in my feels or not. So I figured you all could help me out 😂

So my boyfriend is more than likely getting a new car Saturday. He's really excited about it. I texted him saying I'd be down for tagging along until I work that evening. He responds saying that "Yeah come along with *mom* and *guy best friend*."

It just bothered me that he had already decided to take his mom and best friend, but never asked me to come with them. It makes me feel like he doesn't want my company.

Keeping in mind that this is his first time purchasing a car (I'm 22, he's 24) So I get having the feedback from a parent that's purchased several cars. He has been sending me info and pictures about the car. He mentioned that my opinion was important to him. I did get to test drive a few times with him (but that was also during our date day, so we were already planning to be together)

I know it's a small thing, but I felt hurt. Am I just being hormonal or sensitive? Thanks for the feedback ladies! 😊