Dating first semester of college?


I'm a freshman in college. Never had a boyfriend before, never even had a first REAL kiss before him. Well, about a week ago I downloaded tinder just for the fuck of it, matched with this guy (a sophomore at our uni) and we started talking. Our "first date" was just walking around campus for an hour, but when I say SPARKS FLEW. We made out that night, but then I later told him I didn't want to kiss anymore until we were official and he was okay with that. It's been a week and today he asked me out officially, I said yes but I'm having doubts. Am I stupid for saying yes ??? I really do like him, I just feel like the timing is bad. At the same time, the reason I've never had an official boyfriend before is because I pull this shit on myself every time and back out. I just feel like I need to find a solid group of friends first, fall into a college routine, and then go for it. At the same time though, I really like him and I can tell he really likes me. Thoughts?