Need advice

Anastasia • Young as hell but old in heart cause I've been through so much Reckless mouth 👄 Your negative ass opinion on my actions won't hurt me , they'll just waste your breathe

I have 2 situations

Almost everyone knows I lost my virginity and it's frowned upon at my school and my area I don't want any one calling me a slut or hoe because they will trust me but other girls lost theres too and , I didn't lose mines just because others lost theirs

2nd situation My ex now wants me back after he found out I lost my virginity I cheated on him and he was a great guy I know I know I'm a piece of shit but the thing is I think now he might only want me for sex because he said if we get together I have to take his and that it's not fair im not and he is (he's older by one year

What should I do ?