Could I be pregnant? Advice please?


Hi y'all, so my husband and I have been ttc for 2 years now, we have one child who is now 4 years old. we had a miscarriage in April and I decided I didn't want to try for awhile but wasn't exactly preventing it either, my cycle averages around 27 days, my husband is an over the road truck driver so I don't see him often, we haven't been trying or even thinking about a baby, well we had unprotected sex on my predicted ovulation day, I keep track of my periods and such and have for the last two years, Thursday last week I started feeling extremely emotional, overly exhausted even with a full night of sleep and started getting headaches, I also have been extremely nauseous and vomiting at times, I have no appetite and when I do eat food tastes horrible to me, I've also been getting hot flashes, and the veins in my boobs are starting to show more as well as my nipples seem to be a little darker. My boobs feel heavy so they ache and last but not least in the last three days my cervical mucus started out as the tacky sticky white and watery discharge so I thought ok maybe my period is coming well then the last two days it has become creamy(milky white) but the texture of it is slippery and wet almost like the feeling of egg whites and extremely watery and there is enough of it to cover my entire finger tip, I have felt some dull pressure in my pelvic area and dull cramps around by my belly button today but lasted not even two minutes. I know what kind of symptoms I have before my period and none of these are them, I usually have acne a week before and during my period but my face has been completely's been so long since I was pregnant last my miscarriage happened before I got a chance to really experience a lot of the early pregnancy symptoms so I guess what I'm asking is what do you all think? Can someone give me advice? I took a test tonight that was negative but my period isn't suppose to be here for another 5 Anyone?