My September baby became an August baby ❤️

Jaime • Mommy to two beautiful baby boys and three angels and one more little bundle on the way ♥️💕♥️

Well as I sit here writing this my little boy is in the NICU trying to get his sugars up. It all started Monday 8/21/17 at 11:00 am with on and off contractions until 12:30pm when they became every 2.5 mins apart. I came to labor and delivery at 5 pm that night. They admitted me gave me a shot for my lo's lungs due to me being 36 weeks. Then the next morning they stopped my contractions because they were putting to much stress on my lo. Well Tuesday when I came back to LD for my second round of the steroid for his lungs I was having even stronger contractions and every 1.5- 2.5 minutes apart. They kept me saying they didn't know what would happen. They tried stopping the contractions and it didn't work and then I made cervical change so they declared me in active labor. At first it went really slow then they broke me water because I was at a 5.5 and 60%effaced. Well I still wasn't progressing so they started pitocin. I finally got my epidural at a 6, and let me tell you after an hour of this Guy messing it up and having to redo it, it wasn't worth it. I got 30 mins of a nap but my bp kept dropping then before I know it I was an 8! 30 mins later I was fully complete. Less than 10 mins I told my nurse to hurry because I had to push, she ran around and everyone came rushing in to assist with the birth. 5 pushes less than 5 mins apart he was here! Weighing in at 6 lbs 3.5 oz 18 inches long! Meet Mr. Hudson Alexander Dickey.

He has done great in all aspects except he is having a hard time keeping his sugars up. So currently he is in the nicu getting an iv drip and hopefully by mid morning his sugars will be normal! But other than that I have a perfectly healthy lo! He is already so loved by his big brother as well! 💙💙💙