Birth story!


This first picture is when he's about a week old!

I finally have time to write out my birth story. I had my nugget two weeks ago (8/9/17) on the 7th I had an appointment with my OB. I was originally due on the 19th! My whole pregnancy she was concerned about his size (my husband is 6'4 and I'm 6'1 so we were obviously expecting him to be a big boy) & he had a heart arrhythmia that was being monitored weekly. Well, I went to my appointment and my OB didn't feel like he was moving enough in my ultrasound so she sent me to the hospital immediately! My husband had just left out of town for work so I immediately called him and he came back haha. My mom and I went over to the hospital and I had to be monitored all day (this was at about 10 am). That night, they started me on cytotec and gave me an ambien so I could try to sleep! The next morning at 6 am (on the 8th) they got me started on pitocin. I got an epidural but could still feel my legs which was nice to be able to move around in bed. The OB broke my water around 9 am and I thought things would get going after that! Well, unfortunately it ended up being the longest day ever. Since I could feel my legs I kept getting repositioned to hopefully speed up contractions. The baby was face up and they wanted him to be face down so I had to sit on my hands and knees for awhile. I was feeling hungry (since I couldn't eat since 6 the night before) & every time I ate something on the clear liquids list (a popsicle, broth) I immediately threw it up. Well, we got to midnight and I still hadn't had the baby. My doctor kept saying we may have to have a c section and I was NOT going to be happy about that. I had been in labor for so long already I was ready to have him vaginally! Around 2:30 my contractions were getting so strong I honestly felt like my epidural was doing nothing (even when I kept pushing the button for more medicine... first baby, wasn't sure what to expect! The nurse said we could start getting ready to push around 3 ish and she would call my OB. I pushed for about an hour and had to get an episiotomy (ugh). But, I was so relieved once he came out. I didn't thing labor would be SO painful with an epidural. I'm convinced it wore off or my pain receptors weren't picking it up anymore because I was in so much pain haha. Thankfully at 4:21 am on August 9th our sweet boy came! He was 8 lbs 11 inches and 21.25 inches.