Baby blues


Okay, we have only been trying for two months which I know is NOTHING. I like to think I am a logical person and that I know that is such a short amount of time to try. However, it seems like everyone I know has babies or basically sneezes and becomes pregnant. My sis in law- knows her bf for two months and on a silly drinking night hook up and bam pregnant. My other sis in law and brother, first night back from his deployment, pregnant.

Why is it that in my 20s I did all possible to avoid pregnancy and now I have baby fever and cannot get knocked up 😋

I never thought I would want a baby this much-my husband and I are only planning on one, so now I feel the want even more because they will be our little buddy.

Feeling discouraged after many negatives in a row... I know we just need to keep going and hope things will work out. But how do you stay positive when you have a perfect little image of your future baby?

Names: Elden John Wallace (after his grandfather, father, and my Grandfather) if it is a boy.

Emmeline Dianna (tbd second middle name) if it is a girl. Dianna was my mom's name and Emmeline is after Emmeline Pankhurst, who was a suffragette. 💪🏻

Sorry, ladies- just venting this morning 😕