Sexually violated

When I was 17 or 18 I was really bad into partying, particularly drinking. I went out with a couple of friends one night and got super drunk. I ended up giving a ride home to two guys. I was really drunk and shouldn't have been driving so the guy whose house we went to let me crash there. They were my "friends" so I thought I was safe. I slept in a room and the guy whose house it was slept in his living room on the couch. I passed out right away because I was so intoxicated. I don't know how long I was asleep for but I woke up to the guy whose house it was on top of me trying to kiss me with his hand in my pants. I know for a fact that I was OBVIOUSLY passed out drunk like my eyes were closed there is no way they he thought I wanted him to be doing that. I told him to get off me and he kicked me out because I wouldn't do anything with him. I never told anyone but I guess he told some of his friends because they proceeded to tell me via text message the next day that I'm a slut. The guy that did this to me still to this day maintains his story that I was a willing participant in what happened despite the fact that I was passed out drunk, eyes closed, and told him to fuck off as soon as I came to and realized what was going on. This was like five years ago and it has just recently begun to effect me as I am past the partying stage and have a little girl of my own now. I live in the kind of area where everyone knows everyone so I see this guy around all the time. He actually associates with my boyfriend from time to time (I told my boyfriend when it happened but him and I were just friends at the time and I don't think he remembers now what happened and I'm not really interested in bringing it back up). I guess I'm just venting and looking for some support because society makes me feel like I'm the one in the wrong for what happened even though I know in my heart that he was wrong.