Feeling judged for not drinking

Mary 🏳️‍🌈♿️ •

I've always been a lightweight-- one drink and I'm loopy as can be--, so now that I'm pregnant, I'm abstaining from alcohol completely. This week, I went on a beach vacation with some friends. They knew I'm pregnant and they were mostly supportive, but two of the women there tried to start an argument with me every time I chose water over beer or liquor. They cited their doctors having told them that one drink a day was okay and pointed to their kids, who turned out just fine. Telling them I have a low tolerance and preferred not to get drunk while pregnant didn't work, so I wound up lying and insinuating that I've had addiction problems in the past and can't stop at one drink. It was seriously uncomfortable.

I mean, I'm glad that indulging once a day worked for them and I'm beyond happy to do liquor store runs and be the designated driver for the next few months. I'm even going to a Beer and Science festival on my birthday weekend as the DD so my partners can drink while I check out the cool science exhibits. It just felt like I was being unnecessarily singled out and judged for deciding what is best for my body, my baby, and this pregnancy.

Has this happened to anybody else? How did/do you handle it?