I'm done!!!

I'm finished being shouted at, I'm finished with the name calling, I'm finished with the temper, I'm finished with the zero patience, I'm finished with the flying off the handle and moaning and absolutely everything.

We are 3 months married and yet again I'm sat in tears coz I never answered a question, called ignorant and that annoys him. He gives me no time to answer, like a split second then flys of the handle coz that's ignorant. I'm quite a laid back person, I take my time with things and this annoys the hell out him. I thought love was meant to be unconditional, no matter what faults we have that we put then aside and still love eachother. No, I get called names, shouted at, not given a chance to defend myself as he talks over me and then when I get emotional about it coz I'm that frustrated with the situation, he says I'm selfish and only care about myself, feeling sorry for myself and it's all about me!!!

What the hell do I do?????

I can't keep doing this!! 😢😢😢