Toni •

So I'm 37 weeks today! I just got over a long very very long night of REAL contractions. They started at 11pm and I didn't know what the hell my back pain and uterus pain were so I toughed it out for 4 hours. My poor hubby went through the whole thing with me, all he wanted to do was make me feel better because I was so uncomfortable! I finally make it to the hospital at 3am, completely unable to walk, talk, comprehend what is going on around me.... I have to check in and the nurse is taking forever, I almost drop to the floor and she almost had a heartache. She finally gets done, they put me and baby on monitor and tell me I'm having contractions about 2 minutes apart now. Doctor comes in, checks to see if I've dilated and finds that I'm actually 3cm! I say that's pretty damn good. She lets me know if we have no progress by 7am, she's sending me back home. The contractions don't light up one bit, I'm walking around the whole unit with my hubby, completely exhausted. We look like we are about to die. Doctor must of checked me about 2 more times before letting me go this morning. I came home and went straight to sleep until 11am. Im currently not in too ouch pain... but I'm so disappointed. I had a similar episode a week ago, this one was only worse. I don't know if I can take another one... I guess I really just wanted this to be over with. ğŸ˜ž Saddest part is, I could be 3cm for weeks! And that means that the very REAL but USELESS contractions can last for weeks too! Ugh, I'm so tired. Maybe some positive energy from you mommas might lighten me up?