What do I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a few months now and he stayed round mine for a couple of days for the first time, he comes from a very rough background and they have been living in benefits and almost refuse to work. I have been having to fund both of our journeys to see eachother and my life is finally going in a good direction and his doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I got my results today and I revised a lot and I was happy with some and sad with others and I needed someone strong to be there with me. Now I know he has anxiety but typically people with anxiety don't throw it around in every conversation they have and he had a "mental breakdown" in front of my family talking to my over protective dad about his previous sex life and bad relationships. He doesn't work either and was thinking about getting a job, despite the fact I run around after him 24/7, but him food and fund both his and mine bus journeys to see eachother he wants to give all the money he earns to his mother. It's like I'm not a priority. What do I do?