Still No Period!


Hello all, I wanted to share some of my story because I know there are some women out there who are struggling as well. For the last 3 years I have been having very heavy periods because of endometriosis. I can bleed for 2 weeks at a time sometimes. Often times I bleed in between cycles too. This makes it very hard to get pregnant! However a few months ago I started using pressed (over the counter lubricant) and for 2 months it was ok. I noticed my bleeding at almost come to a stop. Well the 3rd month into it I started to have problems and had to quit using it. I had to take some antibiotics for a while. instead of using that a friend told me about organic coconut oil. I began to apply it at night after shower and for the last few months my period has come either mid month or towards the end and lasted 7 days or so. Also I noticed my discharge was very minimal. WHICH IS VERY WIERD FOR ME! July11th i had my period and it lasted a few days. Well August 11th hit and I had spotting, bloating, cramps but AUNT FLOW didn't come. Usually before my period i would spot a day or 2 and then BAM! Well no Bam Came only a nasty dark brown streaked discharge that lasted a day. On the 15th I took a Clear Blue test and it was negativity. It is the 24th of August and still no period or spotting. THIS IS VERY ODD FOR ME. As someone who has struggled with bleeding issues for years. I have 2 older sons but I dont want to be done. My youngest is 11 and he would make a great big brother. I am scared to take another test as I dont want it to be negative. Monday the 28th I am going to the doctor. Fingers Crossed! I am a believing Woman and my husband and I pray together daily. We know it is in Gods hands. Will let you know the outcome.