feeling broken (little bit of tmi)

Tani • 24, engaged ❤, step-mom, my rainbow baby boy is due 3/29/19

so i went for an hsg test today. for any of you that dont know what that is, its when they put a. contrast dye into your uterus and take an xray to see if your tubes are blocked. if they aren't blocked the dye will go right thru. if they are, it can be rather uncomfortable. and i feel like my world crashed around me. it was so painful, i cant even describe how it truly felt. the doctor told that some describe it as worse than child birth. another told me some one had puked after having the test done yesterday. i knew as soon as i felt what i did that the results wouldn't be good. apparently there is a chance my tubes just spasmed. but its more likely that not one but both are blocked. we wont know more till they actually examine the results. apparently if they are blocked, i will have to go to a different doctor so they can TRY to unblock them. this is possibly the worst news i could get right now. theres not a definite chance that they'll be able to open them. and i feel like ill never get pregna t naturally now. 18 months of ttc when this whole time ive had pretty much 0 chance of ever conceiving naturally. now i gotta wait for my so to get home so i can tell him what ive learned today. 💔💔 oh and to top it all off, im bleeding now from the dye they used pushing whatever was left up there out. 😞