Been super itchy and uncomfortable!

judy rae • hey! im a pansexual stick bug who is trying to do stick n poke and taxidermy! my sex life is weird since my boyfriend lives in new zealand but we somehow make it work! (idk i just feel like i can talk about that here...?) yeah im weird im sorry

This is my first time posting on this but my vag has been super itchy like EVERYWHERE. (Im a brunette so my pubes have always been dark and wiry if that has to do w anything) i am still a virgin so i dont think i have anything serious even though i masturbate often , which i would be super embarrassed to admit to anyone so i dont want to bring it up to my doctor in front of my mom. I looked up bacterial vaginosis and i have all the symptoms and i match it all ( fishy smell, itchiness, excess discharge) but idk how to get rid of it w out embarrassing myself :,(( pls help