Do you ever?

Candace ā€¢ Ectopic 8/2016šŸ‘¼ Ectopic 12/2018šŸ‘¼

Do you ever find yourself looking for signs? Like is this gods way of answering my questions type signs? Like I seen a rainbow for the 1st time in what feels like forever! My Husband seen 2 and sent me a video not knowing what they meant to me. My very Religious friend has been praying for me since my miscarriage last year to be able to conceive and have a healthy baby. My friend tells me after months that she had a vivid dream of me being pregnant and asking her to pray over my belly for a healthy baby. Her husband who is also our close friend also had dreams of my husband and I having a baby. I feel like I have been surrounded by beautiful butterflies. which to me means new life. I also find myself crying everytime a sign is shown! Im not the most religious person you ever met, But lord knows I have been praying for my Rainbow baby. anyways what do you guys think? Do u look for signs as well?