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So this is some controversy going on in my school... people have been expelled here for posting memes like "one like and I'll shoot up the school tomorrow"

Someone got expelled for doing that, and he had the same caption on his finsta and he posted on a Friday saying the same thing "one like and I'll shoot up the school tomorrow."

Tomorrow as in Saturday.

Please put all opinions aside about how you think humor like this is gross or not, that's not what I'm talking about. It's the fact that they have expelled people who make these memes, but during my sophomore year, there was a kid in my grade who ACTUALLY threatened to shoot up the school twice, there was video evidence of him saying he was going to, and who he wanted to kill. He even posted on his instagram "today is the day", but deleted it shortly after. They(as in the school) didn't really do anything about it though since he didn't have any physical list written down and I'm not sure if this part is true or not, but the other students said that the staff didn't take it seriously too much either bc he has tourretes, but as far as I know, it's repetitive movement and sounds and nothing more.

He didn't get expelled, but I believe he got suspended. For TWO days. While students who make jokes end up getting expelled at my school.

Opinions about this y'all? Like... now that I'm typing all this, it makes me realized how fucked up my school is... 🙄 This whole post feels like a meme, I can't believe this is actually happening 😭 kids at my school getting CNN'd