Tampons.. scary or life changing???


So this is a bit of a TMI and not very many people care about this but, every girl in my family makes a huge ass deal about tampons. My aunt always tells me they're life-changing, my grandma tells me they're scary, and my friend tells me they're scary at first, but then they're life-changing. So, being the trying-it-out type of person I am, I tried a tampon for the first time. Well, technically it wasn't the first time. I had tried the summer before, but it hurt REALLY badly. I later on figured out I wasn't putting it in at the right angle, which was why I was experiencing these horrible sharp pains in my lower region. This time, I had miraculously put it in at the right angle, and I had opened up a new door. Freedom. I am here to tell any of you who have been afraid of trying tampons, they are LIFE CHANGING. You don't feel them, and they are super easy to put in. But what about taking out?? You'll feel a little bit of pressure, and pain (depending on the type of tampon and size) but that's literally it. It's not scary at all, I promise.