Husband doesn't know if he wants to stay married

Hi , My husbands been acting very strange for the last couple of months, this weekend he just was really quite and when I would speak to him he would snap at me roll his eyes etc, we haven't had a fight we have been married for 3 and a half wonderful years the last few months ago he started saying sex was a chore and boring we have been trying to conceive for 10 months with no luck I have endometriosis which hasn't helped so I thought maybe he was frastrated with that anyway i finally got him to tell me what was wrong on Sunday , when I just asked him is it me and he nodes his head and says yes I said do you still love me and he shrugs his shoulders like I don't know and when I asked if he wants to be married he says I don't know he said he feels nothing and knows he should but doesn't, it's come as a complete shocked to me as I thought we where settling down and going to start having children We talked about before my heart is so broken, anyway the last few days he hasn't really spoken to me spends a lot of time on his phone won't answer any of my questions about what's going doesn't kiss me goodbye or hello when he gets home like he used to and doesn't cuddle me doesn't want me to touch him, doesn't text like he used to . I feel like I have lost my best friend I'm still cooking and washing for him and doing all the normal house wife things we are still sleeping in the same bed and go to bed at the same time and he talks to me about other stuff. I suggested we go and see a marriage counsellor at first he said what's that going to do but now he said we will wait till after we go away which is this weekend and then we will see.. I feel like I'm in limbo not knowing what he is going to do I'm 100percent in love with him I'm 35 years old and ready to settle down he is 30 I get along with his mum and dad and I had to tell them as they knew something was wrong they are in complete shock his mum has been looking after me everyday because I simple am not eating and I have had to take time of work as well but my husband hasn't he still is going to work like everything is ok he is still wearing his wedding ring as well he doesnt want me to move out and when I said love you he said sometimes this morning. I'm just not sure what to do I don't have anywhere to really to go if he dumps me his mum said I can stay with them if I have to but I really just want to work my marriage out any advice please..

I have asked him if there is someone else as I would like him to tell me at least and he says no but who really knows, i have been in a similar situation before I was married ended up being they had falling in love with someone else and was to scared to say anything.

I guess in the end you can't make someone love you I just hope he can find love in me again