we leveled up!

idk if anyone remembers the frustration I had towards my husband for lack of sex for months on end. well. the last month of basically no sex, we got pregnant(off 2 days we actually had sex). *yippee* ok, well still practically no sex which was extra frustrating because I felt like I wasn't attractive being pregnant. we talked. (we had previously been advised to seek a counselor because of the lack of booty.) he's an avid skate boarding man beast. I don't like all of us heading to the skate park because our daughter is still learning balance (she can "drop in" @3 years old we're extra proud) but I don't enjoy being miserable chasing her out of professionals ways so she doesn't get slammed into. we finally came to an adult decision. he gets to go skate after dinner for an hour alone. I get to stay home and do a craft project with the tiny inexperienced thrasher. and.... I get the booty after she goes to bed!!!!!. my god it's working. he's been so sweet and loving and kissing me seductively since we decided this. it may not be for everyone or every couple but we 100% trust in one another so I'm hella excited and proud of us for working through this huge issue. :'3 I love that man so much. may everyone of you beautiful women searching, find a love this strong. and baby dust to all you beautiful ladies trying! thank you all for helping me sort shit out on like the daily. lol *hugs for all*