Shitty parents

Normally i dont just go and talk about this stuff online , i actually never do but im honestly so done at this point. I hate the way my dad treats me, he doesn't ever talk to me unless hes drinking , he treats my brother a million times better than mr and when i try and talk to him about it or get sad about it he just tells me my brother is his best friend. I see being ur best friend means talking to u more than ur other children :/. My dad does not appreciate a damn thing i do in my house , i clean the kitchen up all the time and i never get a thank you like its MY job. My dad never makes my brother clean and yet he gets everything he wants basically and i get talked about behind my back to him. I feel like my presence in this house is pointless bc my dad hates me. Im not his biologically but hes been there since i was a few months old and hes til me he loves me as equally but it doesn't feel like it. He blames me for EVERYTHING that happens in my house even for stupid things like using the rest of the butter or something. He yells all the time for nothing and idk how to Stand up for myself bc im afraid ill get kicked out of my house. I cant turn to my mom bc she bailed years ago so its just my dad. Idk what to do anymore