Did you ever just know you were meant to be with a particular person?

When I was younger, all my teachers would say they ended up marrying their best friend. I was like "nope, not going to be me." My best friend has liked me since 7th grade. I started thinking he looked cute in 9th grade but not to the point where I'd want to date him. I went to the military ball with him as friends & there was a point in which we both looked at each other, made eye contact & bam! I felt something in my tummy that I had never felt for him before. I immediately looked away. Now, we're both juniors & I feel that I may have a crush on him, although I don't want to. However, we have a special kind of bond. One that I've never been able to experience with anyone else. I don't mean he knows my life story, because he doesn't. But he gets my vibe & things of that sort. He's the only person who ever understood that side of me along with my sarcasm. I wouldn't say it's a crush to where I'm dying to date him, because I can't even imagine myself dating him (we've been friends for too long!) but I've always heard that the best things happen unexpectedly.


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