scared x4

Cole • Soon to be wife, 3rd time mommy. Daughter 7yo, baby boy is 1yo. Pregant with di/di B/G twins.Can't wait to meet them!

Took positive pregnancy test and went in to see my OB. She wanted an ultrasound, during the ultrasound in office they couldnt see the baby. She even did a vaginal ultrasound, NOTHING! I was sent to the hospital to make sure the pregnancy wasn't ectopic and I'll be damn. Not only did they see 1 baby but they saw TWO BABIES!!! I almost fell off the bed 😁. I have a 7 and 1 yo. This is gonna be crazy having 3 small kids but I bet it's gonna be so much fun. GOD must think I'm a GREAT mom 😂. Thankful for my blessings, now let's get them here full term and