family drama.

i am 21 years old, and recently just lost my virginity. i think i feel so ashamed bc i think my moms gonna make me feel bad if i tell her. i think she has a feeling but like we are super close and ik she's probably gonna throw it in an argument one day when she's mad. i love my mom but like she wouldn't let me sleepover the guy's house, she texts me way too much when i'm out, they even drove to my location when i wasn't answering my phone while i was with a boy, its just really embarassing. i get i live under their roof but i am 21 idk how i can like tell them that i can make my own decisions. i mean i've waited until i was 21 year old to have sex, until i was 100% ready, so i have a really good head on my shoulders it's just extremely annoying bc im the good child and i usually stay home every weekend and now that im starting to not they are making me feel guilty. do i have a right to make my own decisions bc im 21 or not bc i live under their roof?