Pregnant after ectopic- need opinions!


Hi ladies- I need a sanity check. I had an ectopic in May that was successfully treated with methotrexate. My levels never got over 600.

Well, I just got my BFP yesterday (!!) and called my OB today. I'm early- two days before my missed period. Of course, I missed the call like 5 minutes before they closed, so I won't be able to talk to anyone until tomorrow... but here's my question- they're telling me to go in to have my level checked a week after my missed period which is like 9 days from now and 5 weeks pregnant!! Is this the norm? Shouldn't they want to make sure my Hcg is rising properly before then based on my history??

Am I crazy to insist on blood draws before then?? I'm going to lose my mind worrying over the next 9 days!!! I should add, this is the practice who helped me manage through the last ectopic, but I was referred there by my GyN who ordered my early blood draws and was concerned.