baby belly or fat belly #realitycheck


I am currently 17 weeks for my first. my boss ( female) passed comment yesterday, which i didnt think much about but then said it again this morning so i am kinda of like πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”... My boss went to the hairdressers on Friday and the hairdresser who i know and also does my hair, asked if i was showing yet. My boss's answer to her and she has now mentioned this conversation twice in the last two days was 'nope, not yet'. I know that i am overweight, always have been and do have some flab there πŸ˜• but basically what i though was the start of a baby belly isnt and apparently its just fat. Ripper. Feeling on top of the world today. 😒 some people need to realise words do hurt no matter what age you are. I wish I was more on thr ball and could think of something to say straight away, rather than sitting stewing on what was said.

πŸ˜• #realitycheck #canigohomenow #needmydogcuddles