Trying not to get my hopes up!


So I have PCOS. Hubby and I have been TTC on and off for about 5 years with no success. We've talked about seeing a specialist but the cost is a major roadblock. So I've been tracking my highly irregular periods extensively over the last year and half. I've finally gotten relatively regular (35-38 day cycle) and glow has been super accurate at predicting my period, like within a day.

Well, this last Saturday (and really the entire week last week), I was outrageously fatigued. I work early mornings and long shifts so fatigue is nothing new for me. But this was fatigue beyond the norm. So I wondered if I was going to start my period soon, checked my app, and sure enough, I was due to start that day. Well, nothing. All day. Nothing yesterday. Increase in fatigue.

Still nothing today and my boobs are aching. I have a migraine for the first time in years today and also, some random pains in my pelvis, but they are brief and infrequent.

I have been here before. Late for my period, anxiously peeing on stick after stick, wondering if any of them will show a positive.

I'm waiting for a few more days to see what happens. Hopefully I will have some good news but I'm desperately trying not to hold my breath.

Wish me luck, glow buddies. My heart needs it. ❤️