Prayers please (or good thoughts)

Brittany • Now a mother of 2! Pregnant with #3

So I'm about 3.5 weeks along and just found out I was pregnant on Friday evening, then starting Saturday I had some pink/brown spotting which I just equated to implantation bleeding but then Saturday night it got heavier and turned bright red. And I started freaking out, I bled all day Sunday and then on Monday morning called my OBGYN and got into the lab to have blood work done. The blood test came back positive for pregnancy and my HCG levels were 33.5 which is relatively normal for 3 weeks along. So now I have to go back on Wednesday to see if my levels have gone up. The bleeding has slowed down but hasn't stopped and I'm still very scared that I will lose this baby. This is #2 for us and we have been trying for almost a year. So any prayers or good thoughts you can send my way would be much appreciated ❤️❤️