I need to have a vent or rant I don't know !!!!

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Whoever says early pregnancy is nothing. Who ever says you don't feel like absolute shit in early pregnancy... who ever says you can't be that tried your only 10 weeks and under pregnant... who ever says any of that. I SWEAR TO GOD!!! Because I am absolutely feeling it this time round :( no word of a lie.

I haven't been this tired In My life before. My body hurts..... "morning" sickness is a bitch!!!

Who ever says you don't feel much this early on can just suck it. It is different for every woman. Pregnancy is different. I've had two MC and this is my three pregnancy (no mc, touch wood) and I'm telling you right now this one is a killer. I feel everything :(

I'm sorry if this hurts any one but I'm just saying how I feel.